Choosing from a range of e-resources when planning lessons

a challenge for teachers


  • Jana Stara Charles University, Faculty of Education
  • Alžbeta Vodrážková Charles University, Faculty of Education



use of textbooks, e-sources, teaching sources, primary school teachers


In this article we report on a qualitative survey in a primary school based on observation in the classrooms and interviews with teachers. The aim was to find out what e-sources teachers were using during the mandated distance learning in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and immediately after students returned to school, and how and why they were using them. The results show that teachers are not very familiar with the range of complex e-textbooks and their additional digital support offered by publishing houses. They believe they can find fun and interactive exercises on the internet on their own and in practice they do so, often unsystematically. The teachers’ main criteria for selecting sources are attractiveness, fun and interactivity. The research shows that in the flood of different e-resources that teachers can use, it is more crucial that the textbook plays a coordinating role. Within it, it is important to offer teachers high quality and goal-oriented resources that they can adapt, combine, and compile according to their own discretion and the needs of their classroom. At the same time, there is a need to focus teacher training on developing competences to work with diverse and fragmented resources.







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