An EFL coursebook evaluation in terms of design and language

Private school samples in Sinop


  • Yeliz Yazici Instrcutor



Graphic design, coursebook evaluation, efl, language teaching, book analysis


In this study, it is aimed to evaluate the English language coursebook at a private school sample in Sinop. Private schools are considered better than public schools in general. One of the differences between the two schools is the preference of course books. This study examined the English Language coursebook in terms of design elements under the title of external evaluation and educational elements under the title of internal evaluation. The research design is a qualitative one and the process is carried by two different researchers. The results show that although the coursebook preference is suitable and effective in terms of external evaluation, graphic design, and printing quality; the presentation of four skills in the coursebook is found weak. The reading skill is the most dominant skill and writing skill is the weakest skill. The coursebook needs supportive materials to present other skills effectively. It can be said that the coursebook in this study is not appropriate to teach the four skills in language effectively and it is not suitable for the aims of the English language content defined by MONE.



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Yazici, Y. (2021). An EFL coursebook evaluation in terms of design and language: Private school samples in Sinop. IARTEM E-Journal, 12(2), 1-19.