Information For Readers

Since 2007, the IARTEM e-journal has occupied a singular place in the field of research on textbooks and educational media. Thanks to the impulsion of the late Mike Horsley and the contributions of many other persons, it has become a major reference in this international research field, open to several research traditions, and to several languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese) thus contributing to anchor the journal in several research cultures

In 2019, the IARTEM board decided to move forward and to relaunch the e-journal, with a new team and a new OJS platform financed by the Open Access-initiative of University of South-Eastern Norway.

The OJS platform allows a better referencing for the published papers and a more user-friendly interface with better search facilities. Another difference also has to be mentioned: From now on, the articles within an issue will be published consecutively as soon as they are ready for publication.

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